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Quite often we see Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) designed for function or manufacturing but not designed for test.  With the increase of surface mount devices and fine pitch technology, test is rapidly becoming a major part in the development of your boards.  Designing with test in mind with TestCrafters' help, will not only provide a better solution to rework and repair but will also cut costs.  

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Key Benefits

bulletMore Reliable Test
bulletReduced Tooling Costs
bulletDecreased Troubleshooting Time
bulletLess Repair Time
bulletFewer Engineering Changes
bulletFaster Products to Consumers

We Can Help You

Understand Incircuit Test Logic
Testable or non-testable, testable but not accessible, controls for clocks, busses, feedback, guide lines for test development
Develop Basic Guide Lines
Test pad location, size and shape, additional components for better test
Identify Potential Problems
Blind and buried Vias, plated and non-plated tooling holes, conformal coating and/or solder mask, shorts, opens, antennas

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