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New Drill For TestCrafters

TestCrafters Adds to Fleet of Fadals

June 1999 -- TestCrafters announced the addition of yet another Fadal Vertical Machining Center.  Due to the demands of their customer's decreasing time lines, TestCrafters has added to their superior machining capabilities.  

"We do all of our own custom machining and manufacturing now," states Mike Graham, President of TestCrafters.  "With this machine running practically 24 hours a day, we will be able to make more custom products without interrupting the daily drilling requirements.  This machine has a bigger table to allow for one pass drilling on large kits and, believe it or not, it's faster!"

For questions, comments, or more info, call us at 602-540-4262.  Or email us at tc@testcrafters.com.

TestCrafters' Fadal Gets Certified

September 22, 1998 -- TestCrafters announced the implementation of their Fadal Vertical Machining Center for all Fixture Drilling.  Due to the fine pitch SMT components widely used in the electronicfadal.jpg (13357 bytes) industry, TestCrafters has developed a unique, multi-step process for fine pitch drilling.  This process has been perfected and used by TestCrafters with success in drilling targets as small as .015.  A sample of this proprietary drilling process was sent to HP during the rigorous qualifying process for the Channel Partner Program. 

"The purpose of the certification was to have an independent source confirm our assertions that our new drilling procedures on our Fadal are accurate and can hold positional tolerances of plus or minus .001," explains Mike Graham, president of TestCrafters.  "The drill sample was taken from a sheet of 3/8", NEMA grade G10, selected at random, from off-the-shelf inventory.  This was not a controlled environment or special case.  And no special preparation was done to the material prior to drilling.  We used our standard procedures in our normal work environment."

A 50mil pattern of 74 holes was drilled.  The goal was to hold positional tolerances within tenths of thousandths (.001) of true position.  The certification results showed the mean deviations in the X and Y were -0.0002 and -0.0003 respectively.   Mean +3sigma was .0007 and .0006 while the mean -3sigma was -0.0011 and -0.0012.  "The results far exceeded our expectations."  Mike smiles, "Not bad, not bad at all."

The certification of this drill process was done by Datum Inspection Services, an independent certification service in Phoenix, Arizona.  Certifications and/or samples may be available upon request.

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