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GenRad 2270/71, 2275/76, 2272/8X

If you are looking for reliable, precise, GenRad test fixturing, look no further than TestCrafters.  We offer a full line of GenRad type test fixtures that will allow you to fully utilize your tester's capabilities.

Standard Services Available

bulletFTP Data File Transfer
bulletEmail Data File Transfer
bulletPrecision Drilling by our Fadal
bulletCAD Generated Probe Placement
bulletProbe Style Recommendations
bulletSemi-Automatic Wire Wrapping
bulletAutomatic Fixture Verifying I
bulletTestability Design Recommendations

Standard Features Available

bulletFine Weave G10 Top and Main Plates
bulletLight Weight Aluminum Dress Frame
bulletAluminum Chassis with Recessed Handles
bullet90 Degree Locking Lid Support
bulletPull Pin Access to Probe Plate
bullet1418 Kit Size (14" x 18" UUT area)
bullet1828 Kit Size (18" x 28" UUT area)
bulletQA or IDI Probes & Sockets
bullet100mil, 75mil or 50mil Test Points
bulletCustom Milled G10 Interface

Custom Features Available

bulletMultiple Images
bulletTop or Side Access
bulletTop, Bottom or Side Opens Xpress
bulletIso-Gate for Open Vias
bulletOpen Xpress Probing
bulletShorting Plates and/or Dust Covers
bulletFine Pitch Probing
bulletSpecial Relief Milling, Routing or Machining
bulletActuation Counters
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