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Custom Designed Chip Tester                 

If a Dime was placed on this Chip Tester, you would hardly be able to see the Test Probes because the Dime would cover most of them. This custom chip tester was designed to be attached directly to the printed circuit board (PCB) and over the chip.  What appears to be legs are actually screw-on knobs to hold the backup/protector plate.  When the protector plate is removed, the bolts go through the PCB using standoff location holes.  The screw-on knobs hold the Chip Tester on the board.  A micrometer located in the middle of the 128,  .020 probes, adjusts the probe height for the surface mount chip under test.

Key Benefits

bulletDesigned to Your Specifications or
bulletTestability Design Recommendations
bulletFine Pitch Probing
bulletCustom Machining

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