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Be SURE to Check Out our NEW WEBSITE at TestCraftersInc.com www.TestCraftersInc.com   Call us at 602-540-4262  We Can Help!   Looking for FUNCTIONAL fixtures? Call us at 602-540-4262.  We Can Help!  Looking for HP3070 fixtures? Call us at 602-540-4262  We Can Help!  Looking for Teradyne Fixtures?  Call us at 602-540-4262  We Can Help!  Looking for Custom Engineering?  Call us at 602-540-4262  We Can Help! Looking for Custom Machining?  Call us at 602-540-4262  We Can Help! Looking for Custom Drilling?  Call us at 602-540-4262  We Can Help!

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TestCrafters specializes in Custom Test Fixtures for Agilent 307x (formerly known as HP), Zehntel, Teradyne, and GenRad.  Top Access, TestJet, WaveScan, OpensXpress, Dual Chamber, Clam Shell and Fine Pitch specialists.  Adapter / Receivers and Custom Functional fixtures and test systems using LabView.  Testability Studies, HP Board and Board X,Y, Digitizing and Backwards Engineering.  Custom Drilling and Machining by our FADAL.  Probes, Kits, Parts and Supplies.

It's a pleasure to invite you to our world of TestCrafters. We specialize in customized Test Fixturing and Functional Test Design. Our goal is to support you and make you look good to your customers. What follows is some information that we hope you will find helpful and interesting.  Please forward your questions, comments, suggestions and inquiries to tc@testcrafters.com.

And Be SURE to check out our NEW website at www.TestCraftersInc.com  

Our Mission

The objective of TestCrafters is to solve problems. We understand that every customer is unique and has unique problems.  Whether it be testability, scheduling or just the need for replacement probes, TestCrafters is here to help you. 

Company Profile

We come to you. As a small, independently owned corporation, we are located just outside of Phoenix, Arizona.  With the help of automation and an extremely well trained and experienced team, TestCrafters has the ability to produce high quality fixtures and custom functional test systems to meet your specific needs.   In most cases, we design and manufacture our own kits to accommodate a wide variety of testers and for fast turn time.  

TestCrafters is a member of the Hewlett-Packard Channel Partners and the Teradyne Support Networks.  Being part of a team is what TestCrafters is all about. 

Among the many directory listings you will find us in, Arizona High Tech Directory, Arizona Directory of Minority/Women-Owned Small Businesses, Circuits Assembly Buyers Guide, Made in USA Source Registry, Printed Circuit Design Buyers Guide, Tech Expo Online Exposition for High Technology, Tempe Manufacturers Directory, Test & Measurement World Buyers Guide, Thomas Register of American Manufacturers, and Today's Arizona Woman Business Directory.

Contact Information

Although, everyone at TestCrafters is a Key Person, the main contacts involved with engineering and documentation are Mike Graham and BJ Worley. These two individuals have well over 60 years combined experience in the Automated Test Engineering industry. In fact, you might remember Mike and BJ from MGB, a small Southern California fixturing house that was sold in 1992 after 15 years of successful bare-board and incircuit fixturing development. Today, TestCrafters remains one of the leading manufactors of in-circuit and functional test equipment. Their high standards have kept them in business even during hard times.

Sales 602-540-4262                   
        Technical 602-540-4262 ask for Mike Graham
Mailing address                           
9920 S Rural Rd # 108-119, Tempe, AZ 85284-4543
Electronic mail
General Information: email@testcrafters.com
Marketing & Customer Support: bj_worley@testcrafters.com ( be sure to insert underscore)
Technical Support: mike_graham@testcrafters.com (insert underscore)
Webmaster: webmaster@testcrafters.com
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